A Night to Remember – Walter Lord


Even after this century’s complement of disasters, the story of the night of 14 April 1912 still retains its power : the night when the « unsinkable » Titanic went down in the North Atlantic, a 300-foot tear silently ripped in her side by an iceberg.

It was the maiden voyage of the pride of the White Star Line. Millionaires, noblemen, tourists, immigrants and crew were all certain of safety as in their own homes. Then… the ship was quietly sinking in a lethally cold, calm sea and the available lifeboats could at best contain a fraction of those on board. Some behaved well, other less so. Of 2 207 men, women and children 705 survived.

When the news broke it was one of the great news stories. Interest in the disaster has never abated. To some it is the ultimate shipwreck, to others a fascinating commentary on human courage; for those interested in social history the story of the Titanic supplies a microcosm of the world at the turn of our century, for the lovers of nostalgia it has the allure of yesterday.

Walter lord’s telling of it, based on twenty years research and a lifelong obsession, has been a major best-seller. It is now reissued, splendidly illustrated from contemporary photographs and press coverage – of the ship and her building, of those who briefly used or served her, of her end, the aftermath and the legend.


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  • Nombre de pages de l’édition imprimée : 232 pages
  • Éditeur : Lane, Allen
  • Date de publication : 01/01/1976
  • ASIN : 713909897

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    Using every available scrap of evidence that archive and memory can bring to the surface, he has set out to tell, simply and chronologically, the events of the night of the sinking. The result is a stunning book, incomparably the best on this subject and one of the most exciting books of this or any year. – New York Times

    A vivid reconstruction of a night’s dramatic events as seen and felt by those who experienced them – The Times

    A magnificent job of recreative chronicling, enthralling from the first word to the last – The Atlantic Monthly

    Walter Lord has done a superb reconstruction of the brief tragedy : it was all over in less than three hours, but the reverberations lasted for years – Spectator

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