Old farms an illustrated guide – John Vince


Muscle, whether men’s or horses, has long given way to automated big business down on the farm. But interest in the old tools, primitive machines, magnificent wagons and harness, barns and buiklings grows apace. There are many new rural life and farm museus full of fascinating and outlandish implecents, for sheperding, cider making, hedging and ditching, ploughing and sowing, hay and harvest, killing the pig or churning the butter.

John Vince covers all these relics, starting at the hub, the farm-house kitchen and dairy, then reaching the farmyard by way of the labourers’ cottages, before setting off for the fields. Through these he follows the cycle of the farming year with many eye-catching diversions into the regional variants such as gates, bill hooks, wagons and carts and those intriguing in-betweens : – the hermarph- rodites or « muffers »

John Vince has been writing about and drawing objects and buildings from our past for many years. Among this previous books are titles on carts and wagons, canals, windmills and watermills, farm tools and machines and horsebrasses

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  • Éditeur : John Murray – 1982
  • ISBN : 0 7195-3978-1
  • 160 pages

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