The Death Maze – Ariana Franklin


England’s first anatomist, Adelia Aguilar, is called upon to investigate the dead as a gruesome event rocks the court of King Henry…
Henry II’s favourite mistress, Fair Rosamund, has been poisonned – and, rumour says, by his jealous wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine. If Henry believes the stories, England will be torn appart King battles Queen.
In a race against time to prove Eleanor’s innocence, and with a dangerous assassin on the loose, Adelia has never faced greater danger. The armies that might cause civil war lie behind her. The icy winds of a dreadful winter blow around her. And ahead she must brave the thorns of the impenetrable labyrinth that surrounds Fair Rosamund’s tower, and decipher the mystery of the dead woman who lies frozen within.

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Éditeur : Bantam Books
Dépôt légal : 2009
ISBN : 9780553818017
447 pages

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